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What Is McAfee?


McAfee is a leading cybersecurity solution provider that serves its worldwide users with unbeatable security products. This globally renowned brand is reputed for offering avant-garde solutions to safeguard your digital life. It offers an extensive range of rock-solid security products that keeps your devices fully secure with “”. These time-tested products are extremely reliable in providing unparalleled security experience. It is an innovative antivirus, identity and privacy protection. It keeps you protected against Viruses, Malware, Ransomware, Spyware, Malicious Websites, Rootkit, Phishing Attacks, Nasty Codes, Worms, Spyware, Bots, Trojans, Spams, Unwanted Programs etc.  

In other words, it provides holistic, user-centric security software that is capable of combating even the most advanced digital threats. These software solutions are extremely versatile. The products of “” are powered by cutting-edge and innovative technology. For instance, Artificial Intelligence,  Cloud Security, Machine Learning, Threat Intelligence Alliance, Security Automation and Orchestration, etc. 

These ingeniously designed products are available in multiple variants to suit specific threat requirements. For example, Antivirus, Internet Security, Total Protection, Safe Connect VPN, WebAdvisor, Gamer Security, Mobile Security etc. It allows complete protection that covers devices, servers, endpoints, clouds and on premise. Besides that, it provides cross-platform compatibility. Not only that, “Mcafee Activate” offers award-winning, next-generation protection for multiple devices. 

In short, it guarantees a robust protection that is packed with intuitive, user-friendly features.

Why Choose McAfee?

With “”, you get a time-tested security cover that is equipped with avant-garde features. It ensures comprehensive protection that is flexible and customizable. This security solution is definitely the best choice for users who want unbeatable protection. There are various factors that make it a number one choice. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Intuitively designed with next-generation, award-winning technology. For example, Security Analytics, Threat Intelligence Alliance, Cloud Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, SIEM, Machine Learning, Security Automation and Orchestration etc. 
  2. Comprehensive Security Cover that protects you against all the existing and new dangers. For instance, Viruses, Malware, Ransomware, Spyware, Malicious Websites, Rootkit, Phishing Attacks, Nasty Codes, Worms, Spyware, Bots, Trojans, Spams, Unwanted Programs etc. 
  3. Extremely Versatile Software Solution on account of its  Cross-platform Compatibility.
  4. Get flexible usage as a single subscription is capable of protecting multiple devices. 
  5. Guarantees perfect health of your Devices by means of a Lightweight Software.
  6. Well-integrated Software solution that is equipped with Performance Optimization Tools. This minimizes Bandwidth Usage and Blocks Auto-play Videos to enhance User Experience. 
  7. Additional factors that benefit users:
    • Fully secure Browsing Experience
    • Holistic Internet Protection with Real-time Behaviour Monitoring
    • Unbeatable Tools that keeps your Network clean from Spam and Malicious Sites
    • Complete Protection of sensitive, personal file
    • Password Protection and Military-grade Encryption
    • 100% Virus Removal Assurance
    • 30-day Money-back Guarantee

How To Create My McAfee Account?

Mcafee Account
  1. First of all, bring up a Web Browser of your choice available on your System. For this, look for a Browser icon at the bottom left-hand corner of your monitor screen. You may have Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Safari, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer etc. 
  2. Now, go to the official website for “” by using the correct URL i.e. “”.
  3. When McAfee’s official website launches completely, go to the very top. Here, you must choose the “For Home” option. 
  4. This will expand a Menu box. Here, you should look for the “Login” section. 
  5. Now, look beneath this section for the “My Account” tab. Click on it to access the Account Creation window for “”. 
  6. Next, you must select the “Register Now” tab from the right panel.
  7. The following window displays the “Profile Information” form that must be filled for “”. Hence, fill in the form with accurate details as listed below.
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email Address
    4. Choose A Password
    5. Reenter Password
  8. On the following window, you will get a “Privacy Policy” link. Hence, click on it to access the respective terms. Then, properly review it. 
  9.  Thereafter, go to the “McAfee End User License Agreement” by clicking on the respective link. Now, review the same.
  10. After that, select the “I Agree” option. 
  11. Subsequently, provide your Billing Information if prompted. 
  12. Finally, click on the “Create Account” tab. 
  13. With this, a Verification Email will be sent on the associated Email Address. 
  14. Hence, go to your Email Account. Then, open the Email received from McAfee. 
  15. After that, click on the given “Verification Link” to complete the Account Creation process.

How To Download McAfee?

Mcafee Download
  1. In the very first place, bring up a Web Browser available on your System for “”. 
  2. Now, go to “”.
  3. Then, select the “For Home” tab from the very top of the following window. 
  4. This will expand its Menu box for “”. This window displays links to access webpages for the available Products. Hence, go through them one-by-one. Then, make an appropriate selection. 
  5. Now, go to the selected product’s webpage by clicking on the respective link. Here, you must select the Subscription Details i.e. the number of devices to protect. 
  6. Thereafter, click on “Buy Now”. 
  7. After that, it seeks your Payment and Billing Details. Hence, enter the same accurately. 
  8. Then, click on the “Place My Order” tab. 
  9.  Subsequently, review your Order properly. Then, confirm your Payment. 
  10. As a result, you will get a “Purchase Confirmation Email” to proceed with the “” process.
  11. Now, return back to “”. Here, you must select the “For Home” option to proceed further. 
  12. Thereafter, click on the “My Account” tab. 
  13. Next, you must Mcafee Login to your McAfee Account when prompted.  For this, accurately enter your Email Address and Password.
  14. After that, locate the purchased McAfee Product. 
  15. Following that, accurately specify the OS of your Computer for “” process.
  16. Finally, click on the given “Download” tab to begin the downloading process.  
  17. Subsequently, wait for the completion of this process.

How To Install McAfee?

Install Mcafee
  1. Prepare your System for “” process in the very first place. For this, close applications and websites that are open on your System. 
  2. Also, ensure that your System doesn’t have any pre-installed Security Software. 
  3. Now, search your Computer for the downloaded “Setup File”. In other words, check the “Downloads” folder which is your Computer’s default download location. However, in case you have set a different location for it. Then, check the same. 
  4. Once located, open the “Setup File” by double-clicking on it. 
  5. As a result, the initial window of its Installer will turn up. Here, you must select “Next” in order to proceed with the Installation process for “”.
  6. The following window displays its “Software License Agreement”. Hence, properly go through the terms by scrolling till the very end. Now, select the “I Agree” option. 
  7. Thereafter, look for the “Mcafee Product Key” on the following window. It is essential for the activation process. As such, safely write it down. Then, click “Next”.
  8.   Finally, click on the given “Install” tab to start the Installation for “”.
  9. After that, you must wait patiently until the process completes successfully. 
  10. Once the process finishes, Restart your Computer.

How To Activate McAfee?
  1. Begin the “” process by opening an Internet Browser of your choice. For this, look for a Browser icon at the bottom left-hand corner of your monitor screen. You may have Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Safari, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer etc. 
  2. Now, bring up the official website of McAfee. For this, make sure to use the correct URL which is “”.
  3. Next, you must correctly choose the “Country of Residence”. Then, click “Next”.
  4. The following window provides you a list of “Languages” available. As such, choose appropriately to proceed with “”. Then, click “Next”.
  5. On the following window, it requires you to give the Activation Code of your purchased product. It is the same 25-digit alphanumeric code that you get after purchasing your McAfee product. You get this code in the “Purchase Confirmation Email” in case of online purchase. However, in case of offline purchase, look at the “Retail Card”.
  6. Along with that, provide the Email Address associated with your McAfee Account. 
  7. Thereafter, click on the “Submit” tab. 
  8. After that, it will prompt you to set up a User Account in case you don’t have an existing one. Hence, follow on-screen instructions to create it.
  9. Subsequently, log in to your account for concluding the “” process. 
  10. Finally, Restart your Computer.

How Do I Change My McAfee Account Password?
  1. Begin the “” process by launching an available Web Browser. 
  2. Now, bring up its official website by entering the URL correctly which is “”. Then, press the “Enter” key. 
  3. With this, it takes you to the official website for “”. Here, you will find the “For Home”. Hence, click on it. 
  4. This will expand its Menu box. Here, you must look for the “Login” section. 
  5. Next, you must check beneath this section. Click on the “My Account” tab to access its “Sign In” window. 
  6. The following window gives you the option to access your McAfee Account. Hence, go to the “Log In to McAfee” section which is located on the left-hand side. 
  7. Thereafter, locate the link for “Forgot Your Password?”. You will find it under the “Login” tab. Hence, click on it. 
  8. After that, it requires you to provide the Email Address linked to your McAfee Account. As such, type in the same correctly. 
  9. Subsequently, click on the tab that says “Send Email”. 
  10. With this, you will get an Email with a link to reset the password. However, it is important to keep in mind that the link will be active merely for 72 hours. This means that you need to reset the password within the specified time. 
  11. Therefore, access your Email Account. Then, check the Inbox for “Password Reset Email”. Now, open this Email. 
  12. Thereafter, click on the given link. 
  13. Now, provide a new password for this Account which is strong and unique. 
  14. Finally, click on the “Reset Password” tab.

How To Renew McAfee Subscription?

McAfee understands the risks of unprotected devices. It is quite common for users to experience cybersecurity threats in case their Systems are left vulnerable. This usually happens in case your subscription renewal is not done on time. In other words, it is essential to ensure an uninterrupted security cover of your Devices. For this purpose, “” facilitates auto-renewal of this unbeatable security solution. Besides that, it also allows you to manually renew subscription by means of  purchased Activation Codes. 

➢ Enrol For Automatic Renewal

  1. To begin with, bring up an Internet Browser available on your System. 
  2. Now, you must launch the official website for “”. For this, use the correct URL that is “”. 
  3. On its Home Page, locate the “For Home” tab. Then, click on it to expand its Menu box. 
  4. Next, you must check beneath the “Login” section. Here, you will notice the “My Account” tab. Hence, click on it. 
  5. This will redirect you to the webpage for accessing your McAfee Account. Hence, login to your account by using the accurate credentials like your Email Address and Password. 
  6. Thereafter, check the top right-hand corner of the next window. Here, you will find a drop-down box with “My Account” option. Now, expand the same by clicking on it. 
  7. Then, select “Auto-Renewal Settings”.
  8. The next window will display a list of all the purchased Subscriptions with details. This includes its Expiration Date. 
  9. Besides that, it also gives you a Toggle button that facilitates “Uninterrupted Protection”. Now, switch on this feature by clicking on this button. 
  10. Subsequently, it will seek confirmation for your choice. Therefore, select “Turn On”.

How To Reinstall McAfee?

Reinstall Mcafee
  1. Begin the reinstallation process for “” by preparing your System. In other words, ensure that your Computer is free from any pre-installed McAfee security software. However, if it is present. Then, simply uninstall it. 
  2. Now, launch a Web Browser. 
  3. Then, bring up its official website which is “”. 
  4. Next, you must “Sign In” to your McAfee Account. For this, click on the “For Home” tab. Then, select “My Account”. Thereafter, use the correct Email Address and Password to access your Account.
  5. Subsequently, look for the required product. Besides that, you will find a “Download” tab. Click on it to acquire an updated Setup File. 
  6. After that, search your system for the downloaded Setup File. You may find it at the “Downloads” Folder which is the default location of your System. 
  7. Once located, open the same by double-clicking on it. 
  8. This will bring up the Installer’s Welcome window meant for “”. Hence, click “Next”.
  9. However, Mac users will have to provide System’s Administrator Login Credentials. After that, select “OK”. 
  10. On the following window, you will get its  “Software License Agreement”. As such, carefully review the terms.
  11. Then, select “I Agree”.
  12. Thereafter, note down the “Product’s Serial Number” available on the following window. It is required for the “” process. 
  13. Then, click “Next”.
  14. Finally, click on the “Install” tab to begin the process of Re-installation. Now, wait for its successful completion. 
  15. Click “Finish” when you get the Confirmation Message. 
  16. At last, Restart your Computer.