Mcafee Login​

Mcafee Login

Here are the descriptive procedures that will guide you to log in to your McAfee account without any hassle.

Proper Instructions for McAfee Sign in

Mcafee Login​

Via Website

If you need to purchase, install, or activate your product via a website, you first have to sign in from So check out the given process. 

  1. Run a pre-installed web browser that supports your operating system. At the top, you will recognize an address bar. Input and hit the Enter key to quickly launch the McAfee web page. 
  2. On the top-right corner of the homepage, you will get to see the “Account” option. Click on it and a menu box consisting of multiple options will be shown to you. 
  3. Select Sign In and a new window will turn up on your screen. On the left-hand side, you will view the “Log In to McAfee” segment. Hover your mouse and place the cursor in the Email Address field. 
  4. Now, input the email address without any space. You must certify that the email address you are entering is linked to McAfee. Otherwise, you will definitely encounter a “Wrong Email Address” error. 
  5. Thereafter, insert your password into the space given. But if you fail to recall your McAfee password, you can regain it by clicking on the “Forgot Your Password” link. 
  6. Once you have specified both the details, enable the “Remember Me” checkbox. This will let you access your account in just a few moments without entering the login details. 
  7. Finally, click “Login” and you will view your Account page. Now, you can see a list of your subscriptions, Change Billing Information, redeem your retail card, change auto-renewal settings, update your profile etc. 

Via Application 

After installing the application on your device, the foremost step to access all the McAfee services is “Sign In”. Hence, to conduct the process of McAfee login, carry out the below-listed steps. 

  1. Launch the McAfee application that you have already installed. You will see the “Permissions” window. Give all the permissions to allow the software to access the files, and location of your device. 
  2. When the main interface of the application displays, tap the menu icon symbolized by three horizontal lines which is placed on the upper-right corner of the window. 
  3. You will see a list on your screen that comprises different options. From the top of the list, click Sign In. This will bring up the login window. As you are a regular McAfee user and registered with McAfee, you need to input your McAfee login credentials. 
  4. Type the email address that you used at the time of developing your account and then tap Next. Now, put your cursor in the password field and enter it correctly. 
  5. If you are signing in from the application for the first time, you will be requested to create a PIN to unlock your sensitive files and to restore your backup files. Hence, provide a 6 digit that should be difficult to strong and impossible to hack. 
  6. Also, re-enter the PIN into the next field for confirmation and then tap Next. The Successful message will be displayed on your screen indicating that you have signed in to your McAfee account. Now, you can easily enable all the security features for example Safe Web, Safe Wifi, Auto Scan, Wifi Guard, Setup your Anti-theft lock, track your data usage, and a lot more.
Mcafee Login​

How to change Auto-Renewal settings?

  1. Navigate to and access your account by providing your credentials. When the main interface displays, click on the “My Account” option to enlarge its menu box. 
  2. Now, select Auto-Renewal Settings options. By doing so, a list of all the subscriptions that you are presently using will be shown to you.
  3.  It will show you complete information regarding your subscription i.e Expiration Date, History, and auto-renewal settings. 
  4. Under the section of Uninterrupted Protection, you will be able to see whether the auto-renewal settings are ON or Off. By clicking on the on/off toggle button, it will also show the option to set a Renewal Date. By doing so, you can set a date on which you want to renew your product. This way you can change your auto-renewal settings whenever you like.